Taking the Party out of Politics - Episode 12

The 5 Impossible Puzzles Bonus Season highlights different structural challenges with the way our electoral and political system is supposed to work.


The fifth puzzle is the Impossible Puzzle for Parliament and Government.

  • Government is trying to make things happen. 
  • Parliament is trying to make sure that those things are reasonable, and that they are in all of our interests. Parliament is supposed to be checking up on the Government, but the same political party which chose the Prime Minister and the other Ministers who make up the Government, also has a majority in Parliament. Of course, that is why that party got to choose the Government. 

But the Impossible Puzzle is that Parliament is dominated by the same party as the Government which it is supposed to be checking up on. That’s like not having an independent umpire or referee, at any sporting event, and it’s just not objective enough.  

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