McCartney III Imagined

Paul McCartney wouldn’t dare let a whole year go by without a new release, would he? Of course not! When Macca’s manager, Scott Rodger, came to him with the idea for a cover album of McCartney III tracks re-worked, re-recorded, re-mixed or otherwise, well, reimagined by some of the coolest names in modern music - our kid jumped at the opportunity. Enter McCartney III Imagined: an eclectic swath of wonderful music from the likes of St. Vincent, Beck, Phoebe Bridgers and more, bringing new interpretations to every track from last year’s McCartney III. Chris and Paul are on-hand for this finale episode to season 4 of Take It Away, and we're telling the full tale behind this release, plus some classic Take It Away commentary (“hot takes-it-away”? It’s a work in progress). Unleash your imagination, it’s time to talk about Paul McCartney.

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