McCartney III

Chris and Paul take to the mic to tackle the latest McCartney release - the conclusion to a trilogy 50 years in the making. With McCartney III, Paul finds himself once again crafting a homespun record born of sudden time on his hands, this time the result of a global pandemic and a pause in the music business (rather than the band shake-ups that spurred McCartneys I and II). Of course, no pandemic could put a pause on the business of Paul McCartney...and Macca's creative engine is still firing on all cylinders. From up-front rockers like “Lavatory Lil” and “Slidin'” to the jammy, effortless atmosphere of “Deep Deep Feeling” and “Long Tailed Winter Bird,“ there's lots to discuss. Take It Away co-founder Chris Mercer is joined by fellow music podcaster Paul Kaminski (The Third MenNow Hear ThisYesterday & Today) to weigh in on this complex, exciting new record - and to thank the incredible TIA listeners for all the love and support these past few months. This episode (and all episodes) of the show is dedicated to the music and memory of Ryan Brady. So welcome back to the fold, friends - you can see our podcast through windows in our hair.Email us:

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