Second Helpings - Kylie Minogue

Padam! For the final instalment of our Second Helpings series, we’re taking it back to 2020 when the ultimate pop princess and style icon Kylie Minogue popped round to Clapham, followed by paparazzi on a hump day. 

Kylie was the first concert I ever went to and we named our guinea pigs after her (and Jason) so who can blame me for the fangirl situation! Kylie tells us all about her upbringing in Australia and her journey to fame, where Charlene's famous overalls are now & how she’ll only have a questionable half sized cup of tea. 

Oh and since we recorded this, Kylie and I have gone on to record a duet called ‘Kiss Of Life’ and we performed it together at BBC Radio 2 live last weekend, fangirl!!!!

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