S9 Ep 20: Munroe Bergdorf

Today we have the incredible activist and model Munroe Bergdorf on Table Manners. We were so lucky to have one of the UK’s leading black trans queer voices on our podcast at this pivotal time, straight off her massive victory and reconciliation with L’Oreal after being dropped for speaking out about racism and white privilege three years ago. We find out how her name started off on the drag scene, her transition at 24, whilst also discussing forgiveness, progress and Octopus. Munroe tells us about the lockdown queer commune she’d been living in with Jessie's old time collaborator & mate Kate Moross and how she’s dreaming of sitting back in Nando’s. We discuss bad first dates and learn new facts about crustaceans from this surprise marine expert!  Munroe, you inspire and educate us via social media every day and we loved spending the eve over Zoom with you....but I'm holding you to that Nicki Minaj impression beb! X

For more information on Mermaids - the charity that supports gender-diverse children and young people visit https://mermaidsuk.org.uk/

Produced by Alice Williams


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