S15 Ep 15: Jake Shears

Ahead of the release of his epic new album 'Last Man Dancing’ this Friday, we have the one and only Jake Shears joining us for a spot of dinner. Mum served up a delicious healthy turbot and samphire for main with poached pears for pud. Jake was utterly charming, he told us all about the various places he lived while growing up, including the island his family moved to off the coast of Seattle where it's inhabited by foot long Banana Slugs (Google it, they’re gross!), the beautiful and moving story of his best friend who inspired the hit song ‘Mary’, and drinking the mysterious ‘magic tonic’ purple drinks with the locals on Bourbon Street in his second home of New Orleans - a must do apparently! Jake we absolutely LOVE your fabulous new album, can’t wait to have you round for Friday night chicken soup again soon! x

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