S12 Ep 10: Claudia Roden

This is a huge huge deal. We have the living legend, the queen of the cookbook, Claudia Roden, join us on Table Manners this week. 

Much to mum’s delight (and instruction), Claudia provided the dish! She bought a delicious fish soup and mum made Claudia’s light as a feather yogurt cake for pud. Claudia talks to us about her latest book ‘Med’ for which she traveled around France, Spain and Italy to collect recipes. 

She tells about growing up in Egypt and then moving to London (via Paris) and making it her absolute mission to record and preserve traditional Jewish recipes. 

And we discover that ten years ago I ate Claudia's daughters ice lollies in New York! What a small and delicious world.

Thank you for such a special and inspiring evening, listening to you talk not only was an incredible lesson, but you managed to stop mum and I having a tiff too. Claudia, we adore you. X

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