S11 Ep 8: Lydia West

"La!" We've got the divine Lydia West from the extraordinary C4 show 'It's A Sin' on this week's Table Manners.

But we must thank Olly Alexander for putting a good word in for us!

Currently filming an Apple TV series called Suspicion, Lydia dazzled us with her smile and maybe her fabulous zoom lighting that mum instantly bought online.

Aged 25 when she got into acting, Lydia talks about growing up in Barnet with her mother the feeder, her dad the amazing chef and her Irish granny round the corner who does a mean lamb roast and pineapple upside down cake.

We chat comfort eating on set, cheesy beans on toast and being in a movie with Celine Dion.

We realise Lydia is keeping Pizza Hut busy buying up their warm cookie dough.

She also sticks up for mum for the leopard print sleeve in our cookbook! Everyone needs a Lydia; the sunniest girl and a shining star in British drama! X


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