S11 Ep 6: Andrew Lloyd Webber

We welcome our 2nd EGOT guest (Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar), the musical LEGEND Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Andrew talks to us over zoom about his new musical Cinderella opening in spring and written by Emerald Fennell (side note watch Promising Young Woman!).

Mum and Andrew bond over their loathing of kale and we salute his campaign for getting theatres open safely. We also learn about his brilliantly rude Aunt Viola, one of the first TV chefs who wrote one the rudest cookbooks he’s ever read.

Andrew also talks about his ALW foundation and campaigning for secondary school children to receive weekly music lessons. We chat about his favourite musical of all time, being a TikTok sensation and an unforgettable New Years Eve party with Shirley Bassey and Joan Collins.

His last supper includes a spenny bottle of red and we had the most fun chatting away to this brilliant man!

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella will open Spring 2021


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