S11 Ep 3: Angela Hartnett

Big week! Mum had her vaccine, Joe Biden is now president, Mum also discovers Muff Kitchen and her first drag name is suggested (thanks Martha Delacey). 

But more importantly, we have the incomparable Angela Hartnett on TM! Talking to us from her Spitalfields home, we chat about what's for tea, being in a culinary 'power couple' with her partner, working for Gordon Ramsey and we discuss the difficulty the hospitality sector is facing during the pandemic.

Mum learnt what ‘ready for the pass’ meant and Angela talks about her ’nonna' teaching her how to cook Annalini, a Christmas tradition. Are there any other chefs out there that hate coriander as much as Angela? 

Last but not least, we talk about 'Seat At The Table’ campaign - a petition to the government to get a hospitality minister for her industry. We would love you to take a moment to sign it. 

Her new show Celebrity Best Home Cook is on BBC One, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 26th January at 9pm and iPlayer on demand - enjoy! x


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