S11 Ep 18: Paul and Mary McCartney

How do you behave when you have a music icon on your podcast? Well, you have a massive fight in front of him of course!

Aside from a small bout of bickering, we had lunch with Sir Paul and Mary McCartney and talked about 30 years of Linda McCartney's legacy in the vegetarian food market. We hear about Mary’s adventurous childhood on tour with Wings, Paul talks about life after The Beatles and they share memories of becoming vegetarian with Linda cooking a macaroni turkey so Paul could carve something at Christmas. Lennie crowns them ‘the Vegeneers’, Paul talks about his famous margarita cocktail ‘Maccarita’ and explains the real way to eat Yorkshire puddings. He also offers us a step by step brief on how to make the perfect bagel, gives us a quick eye yoga lesson and reveals how the song Let It Be came about. We could have gone on forever!!

It was an honour and absolute pleasure to have Paul and Mary on the podcast. 

Linda McCartney’s family kitchen cookbook out June 24th.

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