Ovie Soko Live From #SamsungKX

#AD | Welcome to Casa Amor aka #SamsungKX! We’re serving up an extra helping this week with the help of @samsunguk & it’s Connected Living experience! Samsung gave us free reign of their top notch kitchen for the day where we cooked up our onion quiche (a la Carly Rae Jepsen!) & hosted a special episode of Table Manners with the charming Ovie Soko. 

Since winning the heart of the nation, on what his mum called ‘Vanity Island’, Ovie has gone on to become one of the Island’s most well known contestants. He talks to us about his Nigerian heritage, his love of Jollof rice, going to collage in Alabama and his continued side career of being a basketball player!

Despite supporting Arsenal, he exceeded every expectation & received an A* report which went straight on to the infamous Love Island WhatsApp group! Go and have a listen. 


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