S9 Ep 7: Riz Ahmed

It was our biggest delight to cook a Monday vegetarian risotto for one of this country's absolute treasures, actor, musician and all round excellent person, Riz Ahmed (even if he then did tell us he had chicken for lunch). We elbow bump and discuss growing up in London, school, PPE at Oxford, his mum's Nihari being on his last supper, Naughty Boy being a good cook and Asma Khan's Darjeeling Express being one of his favourite London restaurants. I want to know everything about his break up album with Britain 'The Long Goodbye' and the incredibly powerful short film (shout out Aneil Karia) and despite proclaiming to 'not be much of a pudding person' we watch dear Riz have two helpings of roasted rhubard and stem ginger Eton mess. Our new critical topic of the school lunchbox continues as we delve into his; penguins, jam sandwiches and 'no pork’ stickers in school. Riz we love you, you're amazing and it's bloody frustrating that people are going to have to wait a little longer to see the live show for The Long Goodbye. Enjoy x


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