So What Do You Do All Day?

by City & State Music

SO WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY is a delicious peek into the working lives of the everyday folks and some really extraordinary folk too. Jenny is not afraid to ask the wild questions to get to the heart of the things you’ve secretly been dying to discover but never game to ask.

Have you ever wanted to ask “SO WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY?”

From the guy next to you on the plane with a CIA badge on his hand luggage to the next door neighbour who sees gentlemen callers at very odd hours?

There are times when your brain is practically screaming, “Hey you! What do you do? Why? How? What makes you even want to?” 

Jenny Queen; presenter, musician, writer and general busy body is finally getting to the bottom of the big questions as she sets out to find out, really, what do people do all day for work?

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