Aradia, Part 2

This is part two of my interview and morning coffee and jam session with the artist known as Aradia.  And again – it’s really more or a chill morning with coffee and a couple musicians kind of moment – not so much an interview.

Aradia is a self-produced multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter that brings something with originality and depth to the world of alternative pop. Her progressive, building arrangements echo elements of Robyn, Marina, Blondie and Roosevelt—artfully blending nu disco, 80s guitar rock and modern electronica.

Born in the New York City metropolitan area & studying music from early childhood, she is after a sojourn to Seattle & Los Angeles where she fine-tuned her craft and her sound, went back to NYC to focus on live performances & to release a string of anthemic singles. She now continues to do so from Long Island Sound in Connecticut.

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