Crossing the Chasm to Accelerate AI in Digital Transformation, the Future of Work, and Understanding Your Value w/ Jennifer Bryne (former CTO Microsoft)

Every tech company wants to tell you what their AI can do. Patterns help us make sense of the world and can help us overcome the impossible tasks we face each day in supply chain orchestration. From understanding gaps and influences, AI creates more intelligence in how to detect, understand, and pull parts of the patterns together that build an ecosystem.

Through the lens of business transformation, a common challenge for many is knowing what levers to pull strategically, reinventing portions of their business in a digital way. The biggest issue is not tech, it's the lack of skill and culture needed to scale disruptive change.

In Episode 42, Sheri Hinish welcomes Jennifer Bryne, digital empowerment evangelist and rebel who is exploring the next chapter in her career after retiring from Microsoft as the US Chief Technology Officer. Jennifer is now working with start-ups, giving back in. the tech community, and writing her first book. She has a fascinating career path starting in non-profit management and social services, then transitioning to cybersecurity sales and engineering teams.

Learn from Jennifer as she shares her experience leading, developing, and executing vertical industry and go-to-market strategies, while managing global alliances and partner ecosystems.

In this Episode, we explore the keys to accelerating your success in AI Digital transformation, the future of work and AI, patterns in change management that can be applied to solve supply chain/human/and business problems, and key tips that have helped Jennifer in her journey as a woman in STEM for career advancement, and positioning herself for leadership roles.

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