Exploring Shiny Object Fatigue in Supply Chain Technology, Defining the Value Prop in Tech, and New School Leadership in Digital Transformation w/ Tim Judge CEO of Agillitics

Let’s face it. Despite what many technologists think, most supply chains are not run on laptops. We know the promise that advanced supply chain technology holds…agility, velocity, scale, resilience, transparency, and better customer experience. Yet, when I talk to supply chain leaders, many have shiny object fatigue. Have we failed supply chain leaders and professionals by not adding tangible value for impact? Digital transformation isn’t just a thing that you can you can buy and plug into an organization or a switch you flip. It’s complicated and doesn’t just involve technology. Digital transformation is an ongoing process of changing the way you do business. It requires foundational investments in skills, projects, infrastructure, and, often, in cleaning up IT systems. It requires mixing people, machines, and business processes, with all of the messiness that entails. 

Why are technology vendors failing to deliver the promise? Is it a 2 way street? What are the value levers in delivery, is there a silver bullet? Business and supply chain leaders simply want to make better decisions, how does technology enable time-to-value in 30 days? We go there…

In Episode 35, Tim Judge, CEO of Agillitics and industry veteran joins the Supply Chain Revolution to talk technology, leadership, decision management, and the new blended role of supply chain/IT that is the new normal. This is a longer episode and we cover a breadth of topics: 1) what do people want in supply chain tech, 2) piloting to redefine the value delivery model, 3) standing up for the clients best interest (its tougher than you think), 4) short-term versus long-term thinking in tech investments, 5) who is qualified to be the best supply chain leader, 6) values versus virtues in the purpose economy, 7) shifting reactive thinking to proactive decision management, 8) sustainability is a priority, 9) 3 top areas to get time-to-value in 30 days, and 10) is the future of work in supply chain a blended role with IT? 

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