Exploring Discrimination, Bias, and the Opportunity for Diversity & Inclusion in Supply Chains & Academia w/ Dr. Justin Goldston (Georgetown & Penn State)

Why does Diversity and inclusion matter? What impact does the Black Lives Matter movement have on/in the workplace? How does one navigate discrimination and is there more awareness in corporate America around racism and breaking systemic barriers, including how to engage HBCUs and communities who have talent, but may lack access? How do we make diversity and inclusion REAL? Is it just lip service and social washing? These are questions being asked during a very real inflection point, in the midst of social and human health crises unfolding globally. 

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Justin Goldston, an advisor/professor/consultant/5X Tedtalk/ and evangelist for creating Diversity & Inclusion in supply chain and academia. As an African American who grew up in the south, started his supply chain journey at an HBCU, and then transitioned to manufacturing, Justin offers a unique perspective into the racism and bias that exists - still - in many supply chain organizations. After leaving industry, he explores opportunities for inclusion in consulting, and lastly the power of education for access. Justin currently teaches supply chain management at Penn State and Georgetown, organizing a TedX PSU series that gives young people the space to share on a global stage. 

This is a longer episode that is one of the most provocative to date, potentially uncomfortable for some, however necessary for divergence and awareness. Topics covered include: how to engage historically black colleges and universities in SCM talent management, the internal headspace needed to navigate discrimination, cultural intelligence, bias in hiring from application to boardroom, the “echo chamber” in supply chain orgs that don’t embrace D&I, how the shift to remote work has accelerated D&I, and unpacking the Black Lives Matter movement for awareness in corporate America and academia. 

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