Exploring Sustainability, Traceability, Transparency, and the Future of Mobility w/ Stefano Savi (Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber)

The tire industry consumes 70% of the natural rubber. Issues like deforestation, child rights, land grabbing are at the center of WHY we need a global movement for sustainable natural rubber. Joined with physicist turned green advocate Stefano Savi, this episode explores a new collaborative platform to help the Producers, Processors & Traders, Tire makers and other rubber makers/buyers, Car makers, other downstream users and Financial Institutions, and Civil society transition, sustainably.

What's interesting is many of the supply chain challenges like traceability, transparency, and moving beyond Tier 2 - 4 are being addressed by GPSNR and its members - Ford, BMW, Continental, Good Year, General Motors, and many more. One company can not transform an industry alone.

In this episode we explore traceability, transparency, and stakeholder requirements to build the platform at scale - a way of working that can be applied to many supply chain segments, including cool advances in satellite mapping. We talk about the future of mobility, material science a bit, and learn about Stefano's journey, with a touching message at the end that had Sheri on the verge of tears!

To learn more about Stefano, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefano-savi-2a690526/

To learn more about the recent advances from GPSNR, visit https://gpsnr.org/

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