Exploring Humans & the Future of Work in Digital Transformation, Diversity For Inclusive Product Design in UI & UX, and Woman In Technology w/ Suuchi Ramesh of Suuchi Inc.

This is the second part of a 2-part lightning talk series. We hear so much about AI and the convergence of tech in digital transformation. But do we know where humans add the most value, particularly in digital supply chain? According to Forbes, 2/3 of a company’s competitive edge comes from its customer experience. Consumers who have an emotional connection with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value. Moreover 67% of consumers will pay more for a great experience. How do we create good UI and UX? The answer is inclusive design and the conduit is diversity. The reality is design that excludes a segment of consumers will fail to reach its full market potential. 

In Episode 34, Suuchi Ramesh joins the SupplyChainQueen to chat about the future of work, how diversity creates inclusive design and better customer experience. In this episode, we also discuss Suuchi’s journey as a woman in STEM, woman in technology, and an immigrant in the start-up world. She shares her story on building the right team and leading for diversity in supply chain and tech. 

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