Exploring Social Sustainability & Sustainable Development and the Largest Global Platform that Bridges the Equity Gap in Entrepreneurship w/ Taylor Hebble (SoGal Foundation & Hope For Haiti)

“The only way to end systemic inequality is to invest in minorities, the underrepresented, and women.”

Access to education, healthcare, clean water, and economic development opportunities remain key priorities for many countries. Entire populations and children are being left behind and marginalized through climate change, disruptions, and globalization. Addressing generational poverty and transformation can take decades. How might we learn from current success stories, work that can scale to other parts of the world in sustainable development? Great ideas and innovation are everywhere, but often access to funding, relationships, and networks present hurdles particularly for young, underrepresented (often female, black, and non-binary) people. How can we access to funding so great ideas can thrive? 

In this episode, Taylor Hebble joins the Supply Chain Revolution to discuss two cool organizations addressing these unmet needs in sustainability, sustainable development, and innovation that transforms the world.

Taylor Hebble and Sheri Hinish met at Harvard this summer in a learning cohort that trains leaders in the change leadership needed for sustainable development. Through meaningful interactions, Sheri learned about Taylor’s work at Hope for Haiti and SoGal Foundation. Taylor describes some of the initiatives at Hope for Haiti around clean water, education, and healthcare, including an inspiring story of triumph after a small school was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. How can we truly transform the donor relationship and sustainable development? Listening to what communities need most! We discuss simple solutions and Taylor describes a few including a clean water project at scale.

We also explore SoGal Foundation, founded in 2014 by Pocket Sun and Elizabeth Galbut, and its current Black and non-binary peoples cash grants program that provides immediate access to fund incredible ideas. SoGal Foundation is the largest global platform for women and diverse entrepreneurs and investors with over 40 chapters across 5 continents. Its mission is to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. By bringing access, capital, and education to underprivileged entrepreneurs, SoGal Foundation has grown from a classroom side project to a global movement for women and underrepresented people to live on their own terms. It represents: a fearless, inspirational spirit + a constant, relentless execution mode + a collaborative and supportive community + young women with entrepreneurial ambitions. SoGal provides multiple series of events, including the SoGal Summit, which was the largest female entrepreneurship conference in Southern California. Super excited to bring awareness to this inspiring organization.

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