Exploring Digital Supply Chain, Measuring Sustainability, Digital Transformation on Steroids, and Scaling B2B Enterprise Software w/ Suuchi Ramesh of Suuchi Inc.

Supply chains power the world and companies realize planning and execution is a competitive weapon in the modern, digital economy. Advanced supply chain capabilities like agility, transparency, and visibility can support efficient, effective, and sustainable approaches that connect the digital landscape into business performance that is tangible and measurable.

In Episode 33, Suuchi Ramesh joins the SupplyChainQueen to chat about the Age of Digital and sustainable supply chain. In this episode, we explore digital supply chains and the importance of connectivity, communication, and predictive data analytics in world-class supply chains. The convergence of tech has provided many options, yet are we closer to sustainability at scale in digital supply chain? What is the cost of trust and compliance? How do you build digital trust? How do you best solve for problems in the flow of goods and services? How do you scale B2B enterprise software and which investments should you consider?

Technology provides accelerated benefits in both digital transformation and proactively managing risk hotspots in sustainability. Yet, when we imagine the autonomous supply chain in design to distribution, do outcomes and value derived meet expectations? Suuchi explores low-hanging fruit in digital supply chain, including the importance of traceability and accountability in global supply chains. 

This is a 2-part lightning talk series. In part 2 (Episode 34), we explore where humans add the most value in the future of work, understanding the role of UI & UX in inclusive design, and Suuchi’s journey as a woman in STEM, woman in technology, and an immigrant in the start-up world. She shares her story on building the right team and leading for diversity in supply chain and tech. 

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