S4:E8 Making new dreams with Lauren White Murphy

Lauren White-Murphy, aka @lolopopworld was a successful ghost writer signed with Warner Bros whose music had featured on hit shows like American Horror Story when her own horror story struck just weeks before her 30th birthday, Multiple sclerosis not only had her falling down at work but failing to find the words that had helped her become a successful lyricist in Hollywood. Alone with a diagnosis she initially saw as a life sentence she felt an incredible urge to buy art materials and paint..... Scroll forward 3 years and Lauren's art hangs in the homes of the rich and famous in Hollywood. Lauren is now an MS Ambassador who is living proof that while MS is life changing it can be life-enhancing. Lauren feels happier than ever but also tells it like it is admitting that it's not all plain sailing. Despite seeming to have endless energy MS does take its toll and while Lauren may have to take to her bed when symptoms strike she is never far from finding a silver lining. Lauren's life sparkles like her smile and her artwork which is currently on exhibit in the IFSC Custom House Plaza in Dublin. 

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