S2:E11 Wonderfully, Beautifully, Shameless: Surviving Child Abuse with Colm O'Gorman

Dr Sabina Brennan talks to Colm O'Gorman about how campaigning intensively and consecutively for Marriage Equality, Reproductive Rights and Standing4Truth for survivors of clerical abuse left him burnt out and voiceless. Thankfully he has found his voice again and in this episode speaks eloquently, openly and honestly about being repeatedly raped by a priest, the shame that he felt and his journey to recovery. He is wonderfully, beautifully shameless and bold in the best possible way.

About Colm

Colm O'' Gorman is the Executive Director of Amnesty International in Ireland l and co-founder of One in Four, a counselling service that provides supports for adult survivors of abuse and their families, they also work with perpetrators. Colm's book Beyond Belief is both moving and uplifting.

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