Young, vulnerable and new to a big city: I became the target of an online predator

Young, vulnerable and new to a big city: I became the target of an online predator

Five years ago, Rory was drugged and sexually assaulted by two men, who I met while using Grindr. 

Young, vulnerable and new to a big city – growing up without any LGBTQ inclusive sex education in school – I became the target for an online predator.

It’s been difficult coming to terms with this attack, but five years on later Rory is telling his story on his own terms on the #QueerAF podcast, in the hope it might inspire others to be empowered by it.

With thanks to Rory Boyle, Survivors UK, Stay Brave and David Stuart for support for this episode.

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Producer Rory Boyle:

Rory Boyle is a radio presenter, podcaster and event producer. He currently makes the podcast Queer Ear, for Transmission Roundhouse, and works across a number of organisations focused on creating opportunities for young people in the performing arts.

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