We followed 15 LGBT+ young people who slept rough for the first time

After a busy few week’s at National Student Pride HQ. We’re taking a short two week break to recoup, relax and then bring you the second half of season two. 

But we do have something for you today in this minisode: It's the story of 15 young people who raised an amazing £2600 pounds for UK LGBT homeless youth charity Albert Kennedy trust charity. They went to the RVC college in Kings Cross to do this in a safe place, toilets and even a warm room if they got cold. But all 15 of them stayed outside, on yoga mats and slept on the floor. Charlie who you’ll remember from season one of the podcast took part, and this is her diary of the night. 

The audio is from a video done by Gay Star News’s Students section. Throughout you’ll hear her speak to YouTuber Lily Ella, Bisexual advocate Corey Wiseman and Student Pride’s co-chair Hatti Smart. 


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