Iced Buns: Remembering & Moving Forward with Anna Pancaldi

In this episode I am breaking bread with Anna Pancaldi. Anna is a singer-songwriter from glorious Essex who is being tipped as a rising star in the music world. Though still very early in her career she has toured in Europe and the US, and starred in a campaign for Levis, for which she also wrote the song. I first met Anna at the launch of a charity recipe book that I had written a recipe for and where she was performing. I was so moved by her voice and have been a fan ever since so I am really happy that she agreed to be my guest on the show.

In this warm and touching conversation Anna talks about the early roots of her musical career including getting started and her long battle to overcome stage fright. She also discusses what depression is like for her and how song-writing is her way of processing difficult and painful emotions. She also tells me the hilarious story of her worst ever gig and how she recovered from it.

Anna is so open and funny and I am sure you will love not just her voice but her too. 

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