Crime & Nourishment - Episode 4: You be the Judge

The evidence of improved behaviour and academic outcomes for children with access to breakfast clubs, of reduced violence with improved nutrition in prison populations, as well as other research from around the world on nutrition, brain and behaviour, is well-established.

But we’re still no closer to answering on key question. Why aren’t we doing anything with this information? In this final episode I speak to legal experts to try understand why the UK government and judicial system has failed to integrate biological research into sentencing guidelines.


Prof. Nicola Padfield QC - Professor of Criminal and Penal Justice, University of Cambridge. Life Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

Fabio Tartarini – Chartered Psychologist and Ph.D. Candidate - Prisons Research Centre, University of Cambridge.

Luis Navarro – Restaurateur, consultant to prison kitchens in association with Learning Together prison education programme.

John Samuels QC FRSA – Retired judge, former Chairman of the Criminal Sub-committee of the UK Council of Circuit Judges, former Chair of the Prisoners’ Education Trust.

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