Breaking Bread - Hot Sauce & Beach Snacks: Identity, Art & Assimilation with Shivi Ramoutar

In this episode I am Breaking Bread with Caribbean cook, author and presenter Shivi Ramoutar. For this episode I joined Shivi at her home which gave me the opportunity to twist her arm and get her to share some of her wonderful classical piano playing, which you can hear at the top of the episode. And on the theme of music we discuss how, as a black musician starting her music career, she was pigeonholed into performing RnB even though that was not her personal style of music.

In the rest of the episode Shivi shares some very funny stories about her family’s addiction to the hottest homemade chilli sauce,she retells the story of her disastrous first round of MasterChef and explains why she was the WORST. LAWYER. EVER.

Super multi-talented, warm and such a funny, deadpan story teller. I hope enjoy this conversation even half as much as I did.

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