Breaking Bread - Venezuelan Green Sauce: Food for Thought with Heather Heying

Heather is a scientist, educator, and author. She earned her PhD in Biology from the University of Michigan, where she earned the university’s top honor for her dissertation. On top of that she has a B.A. in Anthropology, which is the study of human societies and behaviour. She has researched the evolution of social systems across a range of organisms, including humans, and her book, Antipode, is based on her experiences in Madagascar while studying the sex lives of poison frogs.

In 2017, she resigned from her tenured professorship at The Evergreen State College, where for fifteen years she provided undergraduates an evolutionary toolkit with which to understand what it is to be human, and how to be critical, engaged citizens of the world. She designed courses that prioritized the scientific method, and pushed students outside of their own certainty and comfort zones. And this is most of what we get in to – the relationship between safety and risk, the growing attack on science, and how to improve your critical thinking skills.

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