Breaking Bread - Puttanesca: Sex, Feminism & Sex Worker Rights with Juno Mac & Molly Smith

In this episode I Break Bread with Molly Smith and Juno Mac. Juno and Molly are sex workers and activists who campaign for the safety and labour rights of sex workers. They are the authors of Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers Rights.

I was keen to speak to Molly and Juno because I think, maybe now more than ever, there is a need to have thoughtful conversations about difficult or contentious issues, that aren’t just about soundbites and picking sides. We need to be able to understand the nuance and complexities of people’s arguments if we are going to engage with them honestly. 

They are not advocating that sex work is great work and should be included on the national curriculum. What they are saying is that it exists, and that it is inherently dangerous work that it is made more dangerous by the legal system that surrounds it. They are asking that people – society and the government – recognise their basic human right to safety whilst at the same time we work towards a society where prostitution isn’t necessary as a means of survival for the most vulnerable people at the very fringes of society. I think it is an important discussion and I am grateful that they made the time to talk to me. 

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