Breaking Bread - Prawn Curry: Food, Love & Sacrifice with MiMi Aye

In this episode I am Breaking Bread with MiMi Aye.

MiMi is British-born to Burmese parents, and has spent her whole life soaking up Burmese food, language, and culture through endless trips to see family and friends in Burma aka Myanmar.

She is a passionate advocate for Burmese cuisine, the founder of supper club and online community, Burmese Food and Beyond, and author of NOODLE! 100 Great Recipes. Her next book, MANDALAY: Burmese Food & Beyond is out in June 2019 and contains nearly 100 simple but authentic recipes revealing the secrets of the Burmese kitchen.

This is a real foodies’ episode. MiMi describes many of the key foods of Burmese culture, their preparation and symbolism. She shares her meaningful food in a story about prawn curry that brought us both to tears, as well as the legends of the illegal prawn procurement and the take of an unwanted edible gift from a military dictator. This episode was really a crash course in the traditions of the Burmese dinner table and cultural food practices, and it was absolutely fascinating. I hope you enjoy sitting around the table with Mimi Aye.

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