83: The Christmas One 2019... Jack Frost

Ho Ho Ho! Good morning and welcome to EPISODE 83, our last episode of 2019!

Massive thanks to all listeners and guests who have made 2019 so amazing. We will return with a Minisode at midnight on Monday, 6th January, with our first full Episode coming at 8am on Friday, 10th January. 

So, we end the year as we did last year, with an Andy and Mitch episode and a film that neither host has a particularly vested interest in...

The chosen film? Jack Frost!

Not to be confused with the heart-warming (if no less sinister) family film of the same name from the following year which sees Michael Keaton die only to be resurrected as a snowman, Jack Frost 1997 is an icy slice of festive trash with a mean-spirit which features the debut of American Pie's Shannon Elizabeth in a scene that has not aged particularly well...

That said... Is there fun to be found here?  

Jack Frost is currently available on Amazon Prime. 

The synopsis is as follows: 

As notorious serial killer Jack Frost is being driven to his execution, the truck carrying the murderer encounters a bizarre accident that transforms him into a mutant snowman.

Sheriff Sam Tiler, who caught the psychopath originally, has remained concerned about his return, and it seems that his fears were well-founded.

Before long, bodies pile up, all killed in gruesome wintry ways. Can the sheriff stop Frost's icy reign of terror?

Please note that this podcast contains strong language and Scottish accents. 

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