106 - Murder Rock (with Dan Martin)


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So onto Episode 106 then and we are absolutely delighted to welcome this week's guest to the show. He is one of the co-hosts on the always excellent Arrow Video Podcast (alongside previous guest Sam Ashurst) and also the Special Effects designer on such films as Lords of Chaos, Girl On The Third Floor, Color Out Of Space and Possessor...

It's Dan Martin!

His chosen film? MURDER ROCK!

Way back in 1994 and coming hot on the heels of mixed fare such as New York Ripper, Conquest and Manhattan Baby, Italian "Godfather of Gore" Lucio Fulci takes a swing at dance films such as Flashdance with this bizarre, dance-themed giallo which, largely, lands! 

Check it out!

The synopsis is as follows: 

A series of murders rock a dance academy in New York in which the mysterious directress, Candice, sets out to find the kiler, with a little assistance from a shady male model, named George, who has a hidden agenda for her as does she for him.

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Please note that this episode contains strong language, conversations of an adult nature and EXTREMELY Scottish accents. 

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