Minisode 107: Fill His Head With Fireworks

Phew. A busy week ends but fear not. We will not be resting on our laurels for we have launched our PATREON page. Some great stuff over there. Massive thanks to our first crop of Patrons. Amazing people. Stick to the end of the minisode for thanks!

Also, fresh off the back of Friday's watchalong, we are delighted to be joining up with the SoHo Horror Festival's lockdown-imposed SoHome Horror Festival for their incredible Pride edition. We will once again be hosting a watchalong, this time of HELLBENT, which we have covered previously on the show, in the company of director (and past guest Paul Etheredge!).

That's Friday 26th June at 8pm! Follow the SoHome guys for more! 

BUT for now... MINISODE 107!

Topics this week include excellent Shudder Original anthology SCARE PACKAGE and WOULD YOU RATHER?! Smoky Thriller Friday takes a backseat to the Live Watchalong of WISHMASTER and Mitch continues his 90s side-quest with THE PROPHECY!

Also, there's another installment of MITCH'S PITCHES! 

Due to his well documented ignorance towards films, Mitch is shown a film poster with all titles, taglines etc removed and tasked with attempting to decipher the plot. Will it go well? The poster image can be seen below...


We also announce the film and guest for this week's main episode. 

In addition to all this, we dig into your posts and messages in the Feedback section and tell you what you should be watching as we look at what's arriving on streaming platforms this week!

Please note that this podcast may contain strong language and even stronger Scottish accents. 


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