"Overcoming the Overwhelm" by Austin Lapp

Strength to Strength welcomed Austin Lapp to discuss practical steps for how knowledge workers can better manage their digital world.

Digital tools and toys continue to permeate every corner of our world introducing new issues that require new, creative solutions. Knowledge workers, which include educators, students, pastors, authors, analysts, consultants, administrators, and others, depend on uninterrupted, focused time during which their minds can operate at optimal capacity.

Unfortunately, the digital world wasn’t designed with knowledge workers in mind. As a so-called knowledge worker, you have likely experienced an overwhelming barrage of emails, instant messages, interruptions, and notifications keeping you from maintaining your commitments and from dedicating sufficient focused time on your most important projects.

In this talk, we will better understand the nature of the problem and be introduced to systems and tools you can use right now to overcome the overwhelm, freeing you from the tyranny of the urgent to be fully present with your family, walk with integrity towards your commitments, and produce high quality work.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

Download: Slides and Resources

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