"Hope in Depression, a Mental Health Challenge" by Verlynn Yoder

Strength to Strength welcomed Verlynn Yoder to provide hope to those struggling with depression, and answer.

Some of us may ask ourselves, why am I feeling down so often lately? Circumstances and pressures can feel large and looming. Stress levels rise without us identifying how they affect us. We should be asking ourselves honestly, am I depressed?

The world of depression is an awful world. It is a lonely place. A place that seems to have no end in sight. Everyone else seems to come out of their lows except me. Is there some switch to flip so that life can be like it was before? Yes, there is hope. There is a journey out of depression. For most it is a steady process that requires discipline, hard work and humility. With God’s promise of grace to the humble there is hope. With depression can come anxiety and much insecurity but this too can be overcome.

Others have walked this dark valley and have come out better than before. I know because I have been there and by the grace of God, I have come back. There is hope.

An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

Recommended book: “The Secret of the Singing Heart” by C. W. Naylor