Why is Oxford so popular for cycling?

Ned, Laura and Adam head to Oxford to ask: Why is the city so popular for cycling?

Is it something to do with the university, or is it an ingrained cycling culture? Is it because for decades they’ve filtered through traffic on minor roads? Is it because it costs £35 to park a car for 24 hours? 

In this episode, we'll be exploring Oxford’s new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and how they have struck a nerve - but we’ll also look at older filters that are the staple of Oxford’s cycling network, and often go unnoticed. 

We’ll also confront the slightly awkward truth that Oxford doesn’t have very good cycle lanes (and shows that perhaps they’re not always needed if you filter through traffic).

We’ll talk to Councillor Emily Kerr (Green Party), who will take us on a short tour of the city's new LTNs.

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