Pod Without Portfolio

For Streets Ahead's second birthday, Adam, Ned and Laura go rogue - or at least go outdoors - sitting together on the banks of the River Thames to shoot the breeze. We are, for this episode, a pod without portfolio - drifting beside the Thames like an empty crisp packet and seeing where the current takes us.

The Streets Ahead trio reveals the topic, if not the title, of Laura's forthcoming book, and a street that's being named after her late dad, as well as discussing e-scooters, e-bikes, the strop that got Ned his own bike racks at City Airport (sort of) and how Adam's dad once broke his arm doing a flying leap and yelling 'who's the daddy'. There is also some minor aircraft trivia, Ned's new book about football, a real-life trip to Paris to see just how many people are velo-ing on its new cycle lanes - and nobody falls in the river.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Streets Ahead, a podcast dedicated to the world of active travel, liveable streets and people-focused urban design.

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