Skara Brae: A Neolithic Village in Orkney

Jenny has just returned from a holiday to Orkney and shares her experiences of visiting Skara Brae, a beautifully preserved stone age village.
Annie uncovers the early archaeology of the site, and Jenny imagines what the lives of people were like 5000 years ago.
They find a light-hearted ghost neolithic ghost story and wonder about the beliefs and superstitions of our ancient ancestors.
Jenny and Annie highlight the imminent risk to Skara Brae from the climate crisis, and the fears that this incredible stone age settlement could be lost to coastal erosion.
We used the following articles for researching this episode:
Notice of Ruins of Ancient Dwellings at Skara, Bay of Skaill, in the Parish of Sandwich, Orkney, recently excavated by George Petrie;
Final Report on the Operations at Skara Brae with a Report on Selected Animal Bones and a Report on Human Remains by Vere Gordon Childe;
Storm and Stone- Accidental Archaeology at Skara Brae in Orkney by Virginia Zimmerman.
Information about the storms of 1850 came from the John O’ Groat Journal published in that year.
For visiting Skara Brae please check details on the Historic Environment Scotland website.