Scottish Ghosts: Hauntings in the Press

Jenny and Annie investigate real Scottish ghost stories as found in local newspapers in this light-hearted spooky episode.

They begin in the town of Port Glasgow, where a family is being tormented by noises, spectral animals and some nasty phantom vegetables. The trusty journalist however suspects a hoax instead of a ghost. Next, they visit one of Scotland’s most haunted buildings: Fyvie Castle. They look at how the discovery of bones hidden within a wall of Fyvie Castle inspired ghost stories of Grey and Green Ladies. The local press covered these mysterious bones with much enthusiasm, so we have the words of people who experienced the discovery of the skeleton in the wall as it happened, and have their own ideas about the Green Lady.

Finally, they explore a wraith in the Gorbals of Glasgow. We consider the sensational press of ghost stories, and what they can tell us about everyday lives and ideas of afterlives.

Stories of Scotland is a multi-award winning Highland podcast, proudly recorded in Inverness in North of Scotland. We research our Scottish history, heritage, and mythology podcast using archives, books, museum objects, and oral histories from across Scotland.