Witches of the Waves

This episode explores the relationship between witches and water in mythology, folklore and a historical witch trial.
Annie and Jenny read the 1644 witch trial of Marion Peebles, a woman from Shetland accused of witchcraft. The trial of Marion Peebles gives a unique and intriguing insight into the superstitions of Shetland in the 17th Century.
Next, Jenny retells the marvellous tale of the cannibalistic Cailleach of Arran, a sailor-eating giant who is foiled by a cunning French fisher. In the past, this story was considered vulgar and so was only told out on the open sea by sailors.
Returning to Shetland, we look at the folklore of a witch of Yell, who had a vendetta against a sailor and used her sea-powers to punish him.