Anthrax Island: Gruinard Clearances & Deadly Experiments

Jenny and Annie find stories of Gruinard Island, a small island just off the West Coast of the Scottish. From this one little piece of land, they uncover harrowing and painful stories of the Highland Clearances.
They discuss the kelp processing industry on the Western Isles and the impact it had on crofting communities. They learn about an unsympathetic landlord and the strife of tenants.
Next, they go into the dark history of Second World War biological weapon testing on the island. They ask how could an island be left with deadly anthrax for decades in the midst of idyllic scenery. Jenny looks into Dark Harvest Commandos who fought for the British Government to decontaminate Gruinard.
This episode ties together controversial land management decisions, past and present.
Please be advised this episode discusses government testing of biological weapons on livestock.