Gangbusters: TV Reality vs Reality TV. Part 1

We're joined by Hunted's Chief, Peter Bleksley, Hunted's Danni Brooke, and documentary maker Aaron Roach Bridgeman. We're talking about television, crime, documentaries, and the realities.

All three of our guests are now prominent media figures, but each one of them has a very interesting background:

Peter Bleksley is now the Chief on Channel 4's hit programme Hunted, and Peter is also a regular pundit on crime on many channels, but he started life as a police officer and has a very colourful career. Peter is also the author of three books.

Danni Brooke is also a hunter of Channel 4's Hunted. Danni has had a previous career as a commended police officer and an undercover operative at New Scotland Yard. Danni is an expert in surveillance and covert operations.

Aaron Roach Bridgeman can be called an media entrepreneur, having started out on SB.TV, the UK's biggest online youth platform with 300 million views, he has since presented hard-hitting documentaries such as When Kids Kill, and 8 Years Old and Smuggling Drugs.

So join us as we talk about the streets, crime, gangs, drugs, violence, and also the media & television. Part 1!


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