Top Girl - The Frontline of County Lines

What is it really like being a county lines drug dealer? Danielle Marin was at the forefront of the drug distribution evolution and became a drug dealer at an early age. The book Top Girl is a must-read!

Danielle witnessed some of the very worst aspects of society and yet she has one of the calmest and most sensible demeanours imaginable. On this episode Danielle tells us in her own words what led her to become a dealer, what the life was like, and yes, she discusses some of the worst aspects of the past and abuses. Please do be advised that some incredibly hard subjects are spoken about in this conversation. We give such gratitude to Danielle for her candour and allowing us an unprecedented insight into her incredible life.

We're also joined by writer Robin Eveleigh who is the ghost writer of Top Girl. Robin is a regular contributor to Vice, as well as a host of other publications. How did Robin find the process? How did he cope hearing Danielle's most horrific tales of abuse and trauma?

Please do listen and share this episode, and once more... thank you very much Danielle!

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