The Global Drugs Chain

We're discussing the global drugs chain. From consumer countries, producer countries, and transit countries, the global chain for drugs is wide-ranging, but sometimes the links in the chain are not immediately obvious. We're joined by a great panel to discuss the many overlaps in the global drugs economy and to explain why none of us are free from the impacts and consequences:

Tom Wainwright is a journalist and the Britain editor at The Economist, he's also the author of Narconomics, and book which looks at the Latin American drug trade.

Juan Fernandez Ochoa is Campaigns and Communications Officer at IDPC - the International Drug Policy Consortium. Juan also leads on the development of the global Support. Don't Punish campaign.

Neil Woods is a former undercover drugs detective and is co-author of Good Cop, Bad War and most recently Drug Wars. Neil is a prominent member of LEAP and LEAP UK.

And of course your host is Jason Reed. This episode was recorded live at Tottenham Court Road Waterstones in front of an audience.


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