The Fear of 13: Christopher Riley

The Fear of 13 is the self-told tale of Nick Yarris, a prisoner who spent 22 years on death row. Nick's incarceration - and time spent in solitary confinement - led him to request his own execution. Nick wrote the book The Fear of 13 which was subsequently made into a film - currently available on Netflix. We're joined by one of the producers of the film, BAFTA and Emmy nominated filmmaker, Christopher Riley.

Christopher describes Nick as one of the most interesting people he's ever met, and during the making of The Fear of 13 they spent quite a lot of time together. This is such an unusual journey and an incredible tale, and one that you have to see and hear for yourself. So either listen to this podcast then watch the film, or, watch the film and then listen to this podcast!

What drives a person to request their own execution? And what can Nick's journey teach us?


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