Pills, Powder, and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs, with Antony Loewenstein

Author and journalist Antony Loewenstein spent nearly five years writing his incredible book, Pills, Powder, and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs.

This is a truly enlightening conversation about the writing of his book, and how Antony put his own safety on the line for his travels and research. The 'war on drugs' is wide-ranging, and Antony does a fantastic job in painting the bigger picture. From producer countries, transit countries, and consumer countries, we all play a part in the way drugs are produced, ferried, and consumed.

We take a look at how countries such as Honduras and Guinea-Bissau are destabilised due to them now being the preferred transit route of drug cartels. We also address just how much of a part the DEA and the US play in global politics and policing. And we also have to address the domestic picture when it comes to drugs in the UK and Australia.

This podcast was recorded in front of an audience at the Queen Mary University, London.


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