Murder Mountain: Joshua Zeman

Murder Mountain is a documentary series on Netflix which is directed by Joshua Zeman - it takes a look at the legendary emerald triangle in California. This region is also infamous for another reason, hence why it gets the name Murder Mountain...It's estimated that 80% of the blackmarket cannabis in the US historically comes from the emerald triangle, so how did it start? Who lives and grows there? Why do so many people fear the region? And why has it become known as the new Wild West?With marijuana now legal in California, we also have to ask how has this process impacted the traditional 'mom & pop' growers of the region? And also, how has the law enforcement handled this whole story, both past and present? There's a lot to talk about in this episode, and Josh gives us a great deal of perspective.This episode of Stop and Search is in association with LEAP - Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Follow them on twitter: @PoliceForReform

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