Madame Ruth Dreifuss - Former President of Switzerland

Former President of Switzerland Madame Ruth Dreifuss - a true definition of the term 'world leader'.

Under Ruth Dreifuss' tenure she implemented a number of reforms which are still cited today as the template for progressive drug strategies, placing drug consumers' health first over stigma. Since leaving office, Madame Dreifuss now Chairs the Global Commission on Drug Policy where she sits alongside eminent figures such as the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, as well as former presidents of New Zealand, Chile, Nigeria, Portugal, Mexico, plus familiar faces such as Sir Nick Clegg and Sir Richard Branson.

On the day of a new report release at Chatham House in London, we had the privilege of having a conversation with Madame Dreifuss to talk about her legacy in drug policy reform and her continued work in the Global Commission on Drug Policy.


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